Most people are enthusiastic about renovating or recreating their homes. While some may feel it is a hobby or a satisfaction they get from home repair and renovations, others feel it is necessary for their living purpose. For this reason, most of the people opt for the home extension project as it may be a need for them. While these projects may seem exciting and something to look forward to, it is important that you consider the following points before opting for home extensions. Let’s find out what those are; 


When opting for home extension builders in Sydney project, it is important that you hire a specialized designer for this job as working on an already built project is entirely different than working on a fresh project. There are specialized workers and designers for such tasks who have an experience of how to go about home extensions project which is entirely different than a fresh construction project. 


A usual question that often arises to many people undergoing home extensions project is how much time it usually take to get all the work done. Well, to make it clearer to you, a typical home extension project may take the following timelines; 

  • 1.5 months of surveying prior to the project actually starting. 
  • 2.5 months in the planning phase. 
  • 1.5 months in the drawing of planning and approvals from concerned building authorities. 
  • 1 month or less to tender the project. 
  • 2 weeks to look for a contractor. 

Connection with the Old House 

When you are opting for home extensions project, it is entirely your choice to decide whether you want to create the extended portion as a complementary part of your existing house or you want to make something new out of it as a contrast. If you are open to options, we recommend you to look for new ideas as it gives a sense of feeling that you have a whole new house to live into.  

Tree Protection 

Most of the time, home extension projects means adding a floor above your already built house. While it is very common for such projects to happen, it is equally important that you take care of the fact that trees in the neighborhood are not damaged. Before beginning the project, make sure that no alteration or pruning is undertaken without approval in order to proceed with the home extension project. There are a lot more factors that are to be considered and taken into account when opting for home extension projects and while they are there, it is crucial that every individual should base their decision over these factors. For more information, please log on to https://themiddlewoman.com.au/cronulla/

Things To Know Before Opting For Home Extensions

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